Advanced Technology Innovation Center (ATIC)

The Advanced Technology Innovation Center (ATIC) is where people, ideas and resources connect to make new and unique things happen.

ATIC is a gateway to collaborations with IRA A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and ASU faculty and students. We facilitate innovative solutions for our external partners. ATIC can help you move a unique idea forward through collaboration of our programs such as Corporate Innovation Collaboratories, federal grants and contract opportunities, small and medium business innovation center or help improve experiences of our students by engaging in impactful projects here and abroad.

Building Inspectors attend Solar PV training in Barbados

Inspector gather around Solar PV panel

As part of the three-year, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) funded, BRIDGE program in the Caribbean, Arizona State University (ASU) conducted a solar photovoltaic (PV) workshop in Barbados on August 24 -26, 2015. The intensive 3-day workshop was specifically targeted towards code and building inspectors from government agencies, utilities and other private and public organizations and educational institutions in Barbados.

The VOCTEC Program: Impact, challenges and lessons learnt from trainings in renewable energy in developing countries

The rapid deployment of renewable energy technologies can pose numerous challenges for energy related stakeholders when local populations lack the necessary skills to install and maintain systems. Quality vocational training is needed in order to ensure that technicians adhere to protection and safety guidelines and utilize best practices in the design and installation of renewable energy systems.

Students Study Sustainability in Aruba

ATIC launched it's second annual Study Abroad program to Aruba, titled 'Sustainable Energy Solutions for Islands'. With assistance from Aruba partner, TNO, and led by Professor Nathan Johnson, the program uses Aruba as a case study and examines sustainability concepts in an island setting. The small and relatively isolated nature of islands makes them ideal for studying sustainability topics where tourism, transportation, and the ecosystem contribute to the island's economy.

ASU organizes Gender Contest in the Caribbean

As part of the three year Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) funded BRIDGE program in the Caribbean on Sustainable Energy and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Arizona State University (ASU), together with the implementation partner the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), organized a “Gender Inclusion Contest” for student teams in all three program countries – Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago.

Support for Nepal in Solar and Wind Energy trainings

Nepal, located in South-Central Asia, between China and India, is considered one of the developing countries in the world due to lack of services and resources based on their geographic location. In April 2015, Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal was a victim to a tragic earthquake that destroyed several homes, injured more than 23,000 people and killed over 9,000 people. In addition it also brought down several of their hydro—powered plants which provides Kathmandu about 90% of their electricity.